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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Yup, we support all of that already, although for all those switch types you only need press and release, all the rest derives easily from there.
My controller can send CC when encoder/pot/fader is touched.
Fader touch generally used in most consoles to "fight back" volume changes when writing automation. When fader is touched, host understands that it shouldn't move the fader.

Reaper even have special commands for those:
TRACK_VOLUME_TOUCH b/track/volume/touch b/track/@/volume/touch
TRACK_PAN_TOUCH b/track/pan/touch b/track/@/pan/touch

In Novation, touching e/p/f will switch LCD to display corresponding information.

For me, I'm going to add triple fader touch to reset volume and pan to 0. At first, I though about using double click, but it's easy to mess levels up by accidental touch and resetting vol/pan isn't needed often, but when it's needed, touching the fader would be much faster than trying to slowly move it to the desired position, or reaching for mouse to reset volume with it.
And, if more than one track should be reset, touching corresponding faders would be the fastest method I can imagine.
There's an action available for such task with SWS - "Xenakios/SWS: Reset volume and pan of selected tracks"
It's also useful if fader was once moved by mouse and midi CC divided by 127 doesn't give enough resolution to set value exactly at 0 db, or whatever value is configured in Reaper as zero point by user.
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