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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
Imagine having single rotary encoder. So, -1/1 around rotary center for rotation.
Now, try to adjust volume on currently selected track, without making fader jump from min to max. Then, try to do the same with the volume on a new selected track, using the same fader.
This is where relative rotary mode is needed
Nope, we take care of that for you.
When you state Encoder as the widget type in the map, the encoder widget actually queries it's Action counterpart for current normalized value, applies its delta, and then sends out the new normalized value to the Action.

Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
Try to do the same with a non-motorized fader. Let's say that your fader is in zero position, while track's volume is on 9/10 of the scale.
You'll move fader up and volume will start going up towards max immediately.
Remember, your fader is still at the bottom of the range. You won't be able to lower the volume, until you'll move fader all the way up and then back down. Somewhere around the max value of master track's volume your monitors will blow up. Is this behavior that you'd want from a fader?
That's why soft pickup mode is used. Volume value won't change until fader reaches the value.
Yeah, soft pickup may be necessary for non motorized faders, I'll have to think if there is a way around that

Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
I'm dealing with encoders, faders, pots, buttons, modes, shifts, LEDs and, later, LCD data. They all act differently.
Button can be toggle, momentary, hold, double click. It can send command on press, on release or on both, depending on the current task. It can send multiple commands at once, like "turn on compressor AND eq".
Yup, we support all of that already, although for all those switch types you only need press and release, all the rest derives easily from there.
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