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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
So, basically, oscii-bot in a plugin form and with customs plugmaps?
midi controller <oscii-bot script> <ReaperOSC config> <Reaper>
This chain also has double conversion logic.
If I understand what you are saying, not quite.

Had an old friend over last night to discuss the architecture (he is a VERY seasoned systems architect).

He also has a solid rep for being able to quickly find the holes in any architecture.

We discussed things for about 6 hours and couldn't find any holes.
That doesn't mean there aren't any, it just means we have a good candidate architecture for version 1.0.

He also happens to have a lot of expertise in file formats and parsing, and confirmed that the Reaper format (e.g. .RPP) is sufficient to cover the architecture.

Now we DID come up with some fairly bizarre edge cases, but we'll just wait and see if they become a practical issue

So here are some possible line item entires in pseudo script:

Widget map entries:

Volume 14BitFader e0 7f 7f e0 00 00
Mute Switch 90 08 7f 90 08 00
Solo Switch 90 09 7f 90 09 00

OSC (just an placeholder to give an idea)
Volume 8BitFader /fader/volume 255 0
Mute Switch /switch/mute/ 1 0
Solo Switch /switch/solo/ 1 0

Action map entries:
Volume TrackVolumeAction
Mute TrackMuteAction

FX Map map entries:
Volume MakeUpGain
Mute Bypass

That's it !!

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