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Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
It is clear that MIDI should be separated. The question, what widget[x] is:
* ACT style: global widget[ctl_type][n] , where ctl_type is button/knob/slider, n is just index in ordered list
+ per surface widget[ctl_type][i] , where i is user definable. Initially n==i, but user can change that per surface.
* simple style widget[x]
* ??? somehow tree based, widget[fx_type][x] where fx_type is EQ_4BAND/EQ_6BAND/Comp/Comp_4BAND.
Or something more complex, fe. widget[EQ_Comp_Stip][EQ][LF][x]
Yeah, that's why all values are normalized (range = 0.0 - 1.0), any control can sub for any other, and the association is by simple naming, keeps things manageable.

As far as the rest of the preceding discussion, it's really been about UI, right ?
What's been described is different ways to make it easier for a user to interact with this complexity.

While that is absolutely a valuable road to follow, that is not the thrust of phase one of this project.

Phase one is all about the engine, the ways and means to achieve the desired UI goals of which you speak.
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