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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
So, I think that that's why Geoff came with an idea of "widgets" in chain
Users doesn't map MIDI CC values to the FX parameters. They map widgets to them. And, inside the main script, CCs are mapped to widgets.
It is clear that MIDI should be separated. The question, what widget[x] is:
* ACT style: global widget[ctl_type][n] , where ctl_type is button/knob/slider, n is just index in ordered list
+ per surface widget[ctl_type][i] , where i is user definable. Initially n==i, but user can change that per surface.
* simple style widget[x]
* ??? somehow tree based, widget[fx_type][x] where fx_type is EQ_4BAND/EQ_6BAND/Comp/Comp_4BAND.
Or something more complex, fe. widget[EQ_Comp_Stip][EQ][LF][x]

Even if you have prepared track templates with, let's say, ReaEQ and ReaComp loaded, some of your tracks would have them in "slots" 1 and 2 (audio tracks and folders), while others in "slots" 2 and 3, cause "slot" 1 in used for instrument plugin. Or, "slots" 3 and 4, cause "slot" 1 is for midi arpeggiator.
That was the problem with Sonar ProChannel, once they have allowed to change the order of modules (originally, EQ was always the first and Comp always the second).
Since I had no general solution for mapping, in particular case we was solving that by hard-coding:
* EQ just had to be found by name (there is only one EQ in ProChannel)
* Compressor had to be also found by name, assuming we want control the first and giving explicit priority list, f.e. PC76/PC4K/CA2A

Doing so (to be clear, that is working in Sonar thing), while it was not difficult (AZ Controller is an interactive system, not script), I have found the procedure rather boring and not scalable for not ProChannel case. That was the first time I have started to seriously think how that can be done better.

There won't be any standard ever.
Till someone invents some amusing approach and everyone else follow
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