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Originally Posted by rictus View Post
That's what your computer screen is for!

The point of a controller is hands-on control. At most, the controller should inform you what channels/plugins are currently being controlled so that you don't need your mixer up on the screen, and maybe a little channel meter display mirroring the on-screen track meter.
I definitely like all the parameters displayed of say a plugin instance, rather than just encoders with no idea what they effect on the channel selected.

I like to work like I do on my console. When adjusting EQ, I do not look to the computer screen. If anything I look at the EQ knobs I am twisting.

My whole take on a control surface is to take out the computer feeling and bring it back to working on a console. The more it feel like a console the better. The visual cues(metering, plugin parameters, routing, etc.) would really help in that area for me.
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