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For those having problems getting this running...took me a while, but finally figured it out. I was able to get it working using localhost on the same machine reaper was running,.. but when I went to use my rooted Nook Color w/ android, it wouldn't work. I tried localhost, routers IP,... and my actual IP....nothing. Then I realized with DHCP turned on in my router, it assigns a static IP to each of my wireless devices I run. There was a list in my routers setup page of the addresses it had assigned to the different devices, ...used the one assigned to the particular device i was running REAPER on(my laptop),and it worked like a charm. If your routers IP is say, DHCP will assign it something like is an example)... hope this helps some...

by the way Justin,...amazing stuff here, a big thank you! I just need to learn javascript...
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