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OK, some progress. it sounds like your Kontakt VSTi has one 5 (stereo) channels in its Mixer (St.1 and 4 Aux). So the first thing to do is crate more channels within Kontakt

In Kontakt (no instruments loaded):
-- in the Mixer, click [Add channel], say, 7 times to add 7 more channels
-- click [Conf] on one, rename it if needed and select its plugin outputs (the next available pair)
-- click >> to go to the next new channel and repeat
-- do the same for the 4 Aux channels to put them on their own outputs.
-- with the 64-out version you could have 28 stereo channels and 4 stereo Aux channels

Here, I've added 3 new channels, in Kontakt 3.5:
Big pic:

Now, before you add any Instruments:
-- save this setup as an empty Multi, so that you can load it agian in other projects
-- or, click [Make Default] to make it the defualt setup for Kontakt 64-out, so that it loads automatically each time you load Kontakt.

Close Kontakt and remove it from the track, reload it from the FX Browser (and load the Multi if you need to). In the FX Chain window, click [Options} and select "Build multichannel routing ...". Add you 8 Instruments and route them to the desired outputs.

Have a look at "the Output section" is the Kontakt Reference manual for more details

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