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The simplest way (it takes longer to type this than to do it):

In Reaper:
-- right-click below any existing Track Control Panels,
-- select "Insert Virtual Instrument on new track" and pick Kontakt,
-- in the Build Routing Confirmation window, click [Yes] to create the separate audio outputs for Kontakt,
-- open the FX Chain window,
-- select [Options] > "Build 16 channels of MIDI routing to this track".

In Kontakt:
-- load your 8 instruments,
-- for each instrument set its incoming MIDI channel AND its audio output (to the Kontakt Mixer),
-- in the Kontakt Mixer, configure (the [Conf] button) each output to be connected to the next available pair of plugin outputs.

Back in Reaper:
-- rename your generated output tracks to reflect the audio coming form Kontakt to each one,
-- add the FX to those tracks,
-- hide any MIDI tracks you do not want to see in the Mixer,
-- hide any audio tracks you do not want to see in the Arranger,
-- Save them all as a Track Template for next time.

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