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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
Thanks for this EvilDragon! I already made my own custom color toolbar, but haven't yet changed the icons, this will help with that! So far I've simply assigned blank (text) icons to the toolbar. Basically my version differs from yours mainly in that there are no specific setting changes to be made in preferences, it works in default theme as is.


Ok, got my first version done. Some colors still missing, but I will probably change button style and colors later anyway. Did it with Inkscape after all, and realized soon enough that the latest versions have a funny least on some win32 systems; it seems you can't save anything!
Luckily there are couple of workarounds for that, I took the blind way.

Now, this is absolutely not to steal your thunder, EvilDragon, but to thank you for the inspiration and a kick you gave to do this. Thanks again!

<edit:removed bad image link>


For anybody reading thru this later;

The official release version of Inkscape 1.48 seems to have fixed the save screen problem mentioned above.

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