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Originally Posted by technogremlin View Post
I think it's not 'hacking limitations' but instead it's 'using available options'.

The way you look at it determines in large part of what you will be able to do with it

The fact that Reaper can be customized almost endlessly to fit MY workflow and work style largely outweighs the fact that it does take some time to actually do those tweaks myself.
Look, when people like FNG have to write their own plugins to do basic features like groove quantize, I call it hacking limitations.

Sure it's nice that Reaper has an SDK and this and that and JS and yadda.

But it's not nice that users have to essentially become part time unpaid employees to have the features they need.

Most people have a limited time to work on music, and want immediate productivity, not a 10 month learning curve on the minutiae just to do the basics.

So, out of the box, the first thing a user has to do is find all the third party essentials they need (SWS, FNG, Klinke, et al), and get up to speed on that, because "Reaper is so great" that half the stuff you really need isn't in the base program.

I think it's great that it's customizable, but it's not great that "lots of assembly is required" on the part of users.

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