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Originally Posted by gofer View Post
That's exactly what I have right now...
Each track has exactly the knobs I need. Btw, I control hardware just fine here. Each MIDI hardware itself needs it's own set of track widgets, for example my Prophecy cries for CC91 up to CC95 for it's FX section. I could build me some SysEx knobs if I liked. Some pre-cooked MIDI track with the most used parameters just wouldn't cut it, IMO.
That's nice that you did that, but I don't think that absolves the fact that the out of box reaper doesn't do even the basics.

And what about putting those knobs on the MCP? Can it even be done?

So its like oh, I can't use the MCP at all now, since I have to use the TCP just to get midi pan and volume, with custom added knobs.

And even if you did put them on TCP and MCP now you waste space of the original volume and pan since yuo have two volumes and pans (the original and added for midi). Forget about using it on a laptop.

Yes people can and do hack around reapers limitations in this area but I don't think that means the limitations shouldn't be removed.

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