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Originally Posted by DarthFader View Post
What hardware synths do you own? How well do you play keyboards? How long have you been using reaper?

The fact that there is clearly a need for a track type that is dedicated to hardware midi and for years reaper has continued down the "one and only one" track type gives me that vibe.
I don't get this. When I set up a track to hold midi then it IS a midi-track. Same with audio, it becomes an audio track. Yes, when you have midi on a track then it would be nice to have some native midi-tools active on that track. For example I should be able to switch the channels fader to midi-volume control. However, this is the 'old' way of doing it; as soon as I pick up my m-audio fasttrack ultra R8 I'll be patching my hardware into dedicated inputs and I'll be mixing my outboard synths ITB as audio. Those things change. My Atari with Cubase can still do things that any current DAW including today's incarnation of Cubase can not do... but in many cases that is because we now have better ways to do it. Especially with all the digital audio routing we can get our hands on for cheap.

Note: YES, something like a fasttrack ultra IS cheap... if you know how much Cubase for Atari bundled with a Midex for SMPTE-sync would have cost you back in the days.
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