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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
1. the order of note events and the notation events they own, seems like it should be pretty solvable on the script side, given that the notation event should always be the very next event received after the note-on.
Ah, I wasn't aware of that guarantee, thanks schwa. That does indeed make things a lot easier. Although your response implies that putting the notation event after note-on is a deliberate choice? I'm curious about the use-cases that are better with that order.

Originally Posted by schwa View Post
3. can you suggest how you think the API should look for this? (feel free to direct to another thread)
Sure, I started a new thread with some ideas:

It occurs to me that there may not currently be away to programmatically update reaper-notation.ini. That's not part of that thread, but it'd be needed for the overall idea of Reaticulate doing things through notation. Really all one would need is the ability to kick Reaper into re-reading the file.

Originally Posted by schwa View Post
lack of hash map: keeping your list sorted and implementing a basic binary search function would be the usual way to get the performance improvement without adding complexity.
Fair point. O(log n) then. Definitely much better. Although with #3 it can be made O(1).

Originally Posted by Klangfarben View Post
When I export a standard midi file and send that to an orchestrator, who will import it into a notation program, those program changes clearly mark the articulation changes right in the score.
I'm sure that's a solvable problem. Even if text events aren't exported (I thought they were?) Reaticulate should be able to have some sort of "duplicate item and replace notation events" action, maybe even with the ability to seamlessly export to MIDI if there's an API for that.

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