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Hmm, well the function to be able to automatically increment filenames of renders is good and very helpful, indeed.

But the situation Baro64 describes also shows how messy it can become in some cases

I would also suggest then that the "Save copy of project to outfile.wav.RPP" option would be more smart and respect that you are actually rendering incremented file and increment also the outfile RPP respectively. So we could always have corresponding filename of outfile RPP for any render, incremented or not. Please, consider it, schwa.

Originally Posted by Baro64 View Post
When I run a new render, in the render directory then I find:
- mysong.mp3 (the previous render)
- mysong-001.mp3 (the current last render)
[]b- mysong.mp3.RPP (the project copy pertaining to mysong-001.mp3, current last render, that overwrote the previous saved version of the project).[/b]

I wish instead, when checking "Save copy of project to outfile.wav.RPP" having the projects saved with incremented file name alongwith the respective renders, without overwriting previous copy, i.e. if I render to mysong-00n.mp3 I wish to have mysong-00n.mp3.RPP whatever n is.

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