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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Well, technically they don't need to be, but in order to support TouchOSC automatically loading the right Page they do.
What I'm looking to do is have a C4Emu that I can test FXZones for the C4 on, when I'm at home.

Here what I've messed about with,

I made a rough of the controls of the C4 in TouchOSC Editor, (included Play & Stop FOR CHECKING ITS WORKING)
the controls are labelled /1/RotaryA1, /1/RotaryPushA1 and so on.

I made a surface C4Emu.ost

I made a C4OSC folder and made a C4OSC.zon (in that there are only STOP PLAY CLICK and CYCLE)

In reaper I'm seeing the input data as above, but as I've said, I was hoping to be able to put an in the C4OSC folder and be able to test it.
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