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I got the project, thank you. Testing on a mid-2012 RMBP in Win10 in unscaled mode, so that's 2880x1800. Everything works really well to be honest. I will try a full 4k display tomorrow. I tested various zoom levels and scrolling in the arrange view (from having as much of the project in-view as possible, to zooming in on various parts), as well as the MIDI editor (opening all project MIDI in the one editor). I penciled some automation in the arrange, and some CCs in the MIDI editor. Everything was pretty fast.

What audio device and samplerate and block size are you using? Does setting Preferences/Audio/"Close audio device when stopped", and having the audio device stopped improve things?

Do you have any control surfaces configured in Preferences/Control Surfaces?

If you install a fresh portable install and load this project, how does it perform?
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