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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
In these instances, how many tracks are on screen at once, in both the cases of using the 4k display and the 1080 displays?
It definitely gets worse the more tracks are visible.

On the 4k monitor:
In the aforementioned project with 138 tracks, lag is the worst with everything on display.
When I only show one single track and hide everything else, things like resizing a TCP are basically just as snappy as in a fresh project with a single track.
When I make a single track visible step-by-step, I notice the first lag with around 20 tracks (at that point it's still pretty minor though). This also seems to be project independent, I start to notice the same lag at 20 tracks in an empty project with 20 empty tracks.

On the 1080p monitors
Here with all 138 tracks visible, resizing a TCP is still very laggy though not as bad as on the 4k display (here it takes around 60 tracks until I notice the first stuttering).

Snappiness in the Midi Editor also seems related to how much midi data is visible in there. I usually like to have all midi data visible at once for orchestration and arranging purposes.
On the 4k, when I hide all the midi data except for the track that I'm working on, drawing CC data is alot snappier, with only some minor stuttering.
On the 1080p display however, I can have all midi data shown in the editor and drawing CC is still perfectly snappy.
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