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Okay, to demonstrate whats happening I firstly tried to demonstrate whats going on by comparing Reapers video scaling/zooming to the master of video editing: Premiere Pro

drum roll ... here the result: There is no noticeable different! Scaling as an separate process just works as it should work.

Premiere scaling only
Reaper scaling only

BUT then I compared another set up. Scaling AND moving. That's where I found out the step like motion when I tried to make a slideshow. So I set up a scene with a little box moving a bit and scaling a bit. And here you can clearly see the poodles core. Premiere has no problem showing a smooth result while Reaper shows the discussed problem without any sense of shame.

Premiere scaling and moving
Reaper scaling and moving (see the little jumps)

Justin, I also tested your alternative scaling preset. But as long as scaling and moving come together, those little jumps still appear.

It seems that Premiere pro also has some problems with scaling and moving at the same time but it smooths the motion kind of so it doesn't show up like hard little steps rather then soft wobbles.

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