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Default Zoomed images moving to roughly


I noticed that zoomed images are unable to pan smoothly thru the screen.

While I was working on a simple slideshow to demonstrate nearly all possible transition types in Reaper I got stuck by this problem. At first I thought its kind of a parameter problem, that the values of the automation only are stepped because of the coarse parameter dial resolution. But it seems more like a magnifying effect as if the vertical and horizontal pan gets zoomed with the image what makes the little steps visible. The weird thing is, not only the movement in one direction looks chunky it also happens that the images jumps for one pixel or a certain step in another direction and back.

Here is an example:

The chunky movement is not only from the 10 frames per second. The video looks nearly then same. The problem is more the left/right/up/down micro movement. Here the video:!C2pUTabS!rPStu-TrL...PzidghcvBZralQ

I have no idea if this is a preset problem as it happens in the default Opacity, zoom, pan preset as well as in the Essential video controls from Jon. Or if this is a general problem with the automation resolution. Maybe its to rough for this kind but okay for audio?

You can recreate this problem by zooming an image to 1.5 and slowly panning it in both directions. You would say that zooming this high should be avoided but sometimes its necessary to do so.

Any idea of how to fix that?

Many thanks

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