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The separator is an unescaped comma, like it already is:


results into the following returned string:


If a user types in a comma, it will be escaped

entry1, has a comma now

results in the following returned string:

"entry1\, has a comma now,entry2,entry3"
With that, you know, all \, are user input commas, while all , are the separators.

If the user types in \, it will be escaped to \\,

If an entry ends with \ it must be escaped probably as well to \\ to circumvent a possible \, separator-situation.
At least I think, that this would work...

Edit: The more I think about the entry ends with \ problem, the more I get, that this needs more thinking about it on my side...

Maybe having "optional string entryXX"-return values, where XX is the entry in the GetUserInput-box, would be better, at least for Lua...

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