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The OSC network path over UDP to the XR18 is opened by an appropriate OSCII-bot code line

@output devicehandle OSC "host:port"
where host and port indicate the XR18 you want to talk to

Then an OSCII-bot @timer code block can be used to repeatedly send the OSC string "/xremote" to the XR18 using oscsend() that then keeps the client alive.

The basic pattern can be seen in the C code example at the end of the X32 OSC protocol spec document.

When the EEL2 code is written and run, the OSC sent, the responses, and any unsolicited OSC from the X18 will all be seen in the OSCII-bot console window and one can then expand the code with a bit of trial and error, guided by Patrick-Gilles' X32 protocol specification.

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