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Originally Posted by hmoller View Post

MTpowerdrumkit running with airwave w/o problems.

In linvst the linvst-server.exe crash when I tried to load it.

It doesn't run in carla.

It also works in reaper on wine.

To make it work in winecfg you must add "d2d1" to the list of "Existing overrides."

I've been able to run MT Powerdrumkit ok with the current LinVst version (1.22) by disabling d2d1 using winecfg as you say, but the gui doesn't update on my old video system.

I'm using Wine Staging 2.13.

The d2d1 disabling also works for the OP-X synth.

Seems like Wine's d2d1 is a problem for some plugins.

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