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Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
Use hi-pass filters. With each track that needs it, apply a hi-pass filter and move it up until it starts to sound too thin, then back it down a bit. Some tracks may have a hi-pass at 80hz, some others might be at 150hz or higher so there's no set frequency rule.

Spectrum analyzers can speed that up if you don't have low range speakers.

Hope that helps.
Thanks. I do use them. But you know, piano has a wiiiiiide range.. It hits a huge chord a few times and the lowest note was like 80hz or something but then goes up again ad all that happens below 300 is junk. If i put the hi-pass at 70, then the the rest of the song anything below 300 is junk. Hm. Is eq automation the only way? Because the last time I tried it I wanted to throw a chair through the window.
Maybe you find some of it useful>
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