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-If you have buttons like mute linked (both Master and Slave) and you hold shift to take one, or more, out of sync with the others, you then toggle the states of all the buttons by clicking just one

-In the group matrix you do not need to click in the box 3 times until the s for slave shows. For example, to make tracks 2-5 the slave tracks click once in any box for tracks 2-5 and then right click that group enable box and select slave for the elements you want to be slave. You can then select the master the normal way.

-Right click the mono button on the master section to select L+R,R,L, and most interestingly L-R

-The filter (f) makes a great navigation tool

-Use (+)(-) in the jump window to move the cursor forward or back by that amount

-Instead of using the defult ctrl+j for the jump to time window use the numpad zero key

-Under options\preferences\mouse you can select what happens when you double click on an item to set the time selection or loop to that item instead of opening the external editor.

-Use keypad num 7 and 9 to move the item while keeping the time the same (Looks like you are just moving the window)

-When both items on either side of a split are selected you can use click+alt to simultaneously shrink one side and stretch the other

-If you have 2 items cross faded you can move the fade location by holding shift+click and drag where you see the fade cursor
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