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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
If the track is muted, I am rather sure that it can't use CPU cycles.
Roland Cloud plugins are known for their poor performance - even when muted (VSTi 3) they did use resources. I put D50, Juno 106, JV 1080 and Jupiter 8 on different tracks, used SWS Live Config and poof - drops/glitches (on i5 3427U). Any of them works just fine when played alone, but if they are not turned off (instead of muting, de-arming on track) they use CPU. Roland still didn't fixed it - and many other things too like Program Change messages. There's where Reaper shines, enabling those stubborn plugins to work as it should be .

And about LCD screen for that purpose - brilliant idea! I was looking for something like that. I'd like to make VSTi box (so no need to carry notebook + interface + cables on the stage) and all I need is tiny display to show me which preset I'm using. I'm planning to use that beauty:
They are cheap second-hand (50 Euro or so), work through USB and have touchscreen. There are 1024x600 and 1280x800 variants - excellent on stage . There's even 7" 800x480 model. I think it's better, unless someone can make DIY sets or ready2go displays AND proper software implementation.
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