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Default Passing OSC Value to ReaScript


is there a way to pass a OSC Value into a ReaScript?

Following behavior is desired:

Triggering a script via "/action/str _RSaadca421ec7e271597f22b259716fbbd2dc74b98" works for triggering the Script.

Now i want so send "/action/str _RSaadca421ec7e271597f22b259716fbbd2dc74b98 1.0"
_RSaadca421ec7e271597f22b259716fbbd2dc74b98 is send as a string
1.0 is send as a float

If it is possible it would be easy to move markers or trigger different behaviors of a script via Osc Input values.

It is said that you can retrieve MIDI/OSC/mouse-wheel/trackpad input values when the script is bound to MIDI/OSC controllers.

Can somebody guide me how to use this?
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