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Originally Posted by lolilol1975 View Post
Tod: very clear mix. Interesting effects on the voice. I like it. But why cut the sound way before the end of the song ? I think this has cost you a lot (if not all) of your points.
Thanks lolilol1975. Yeah, Dave warned me about the fade, and I did try, but that ending is so awful it kinda hurt, not just my ears, but it affected my soul as well.

I faded it exactly like the original studio cut, because I think they faded it for a reason.

Originally Posted by thunderbroom View Post
Tod: I was most impressed with how well you handled the bass tracks within the context of the mix, and by doing very little. Looks like most of it was riding the volume automation, keeping transients in check.
Thanks thunderbroom, yeah I put a lot of work into that bass track, mainly because it was so important for the groove. I tried desperately to balance it with the guitars and drums, but I could have done better.
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