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I don't mind any other delimiter, but i considered this case. I just think that there's simply not enough space in a button to insert captions which would require punctuation marks.
The punctuation could be the actual content. For instance a messagebox asking "Do you prefer ; or , or . ?"
Could lead to buttons like ";" "," "." as selection. The usecases are probably rare, but why risking loosing them in the first place.

I personally would prefer support for 5 buttons(more are too impractical) and a checkbox(for remember my selection stuff).

So you would have as parameters:
string Text
string Title
string Checkbox_caption("", for no checkbox)
integer Number_buttons(up to 5)
string Buttontext_1
string Buttontext_2
string Buttontext_3
string Buttontext_4
string Buttontext_5

And as retvals:
integer Pressed_button
boolean Checkbox_State

This would be the easiest to have and use and create no ambiguity.
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