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The mu-metal looks promising if a bit spendy. Only drawback is the thickness, their thinnest stuff being too thick to mold like foil. Fast search shows there may be suppliers of iron foil, not as good but may work for the purpose. Will call the mu-metal folks and see if they have anything thinner. Your point about reshaping is at the core of this, how to contain the excess without reshaping and starving the windings. Seems like anything that contains efficiently would reshape, and the end result for good or bad would depend on the pickup. Maybe this is why the Lace group went to all the trouble of designing the micro fields. Would have been easier and cheaper to put the coil in an iron box if that had worked.


If you don’t mind giving up one tone control, earlier in this thread there’s a way to convert the tone control to a blend control allowing 1+3 or 1+2+3. (Like Snoo said
1+2+3 more strat than strat. 1+3 more Beach Boys than Beach Boys Fender Jaguar sound).

You can change out the 250K pot to 500K to minimize bleed, but isolation is fine with the stock 250. Only other thing is to rewire the last tone control to global tone (wiring diagram was posted). The good point of this approach is that you can back off the 1 or 3 presence and get a lot of subtle variations not available when the pickups are either full on or full off. On my strat and squier, I’ve dumper both tone controls for blenders and installed the DPDT center off phase switches, kept the 250K pots. Vast soundscapes are there that strats just can’t get out of the box. Doing the simpler single tone control mod is fast and you don’t have to drill new holes or buy extra parts.



With the parallel wiring and blend, there is the thought expressed somewhere here that the bleed kills the idea. There is bleed even with a 2 meg pot. You can hear the bleed by tapping on the linked pickup with a key or something magnetic when the pickup is faded out. However…with the stock 250’s and the polarity switches in place, turning on or off the pickup doesn’t make any difference in the sound. So there is bleeding, but at least what’s left of my ears can’t tell any practical impact. My advice here is that if you’ve got the guitar disassembled, go for the full mod with phase switches and the neo magnets. Costs about $20 for the two switches and magnets. Will knock the socks off the Guitar Center guys.

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