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Hello again DarkStar,

I have made a track template which:

1) Opens a mother track with Aria (32out) loaded.
2) Opens 16 midi input tracks each routed to an instrument slot of Aria. This tracks are only visible from the TCP.
3) Opens 16 audio tracks routed from each of the Aria slots. This tracks are only visible from the MCP. Here you can control volume, pan and add FX to each individual Aria slot.
4) Tracks are named and coloured so each TCP input track matches its corresponding MCP output track.

Once you insert this template, all you have to do is load the instruments you need in each Aria slot and start composing

Question is if it would be useful to share this template ? If so I would absolutely love to do it but I am not sure if it would work for other Reaper installations.

Could you please tell me if I should post my template ?

Thanks in advance !
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