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Originally Posted by J Riley Hill View Post
The reason was because the default mode is stereo balance / mono pan. I've been using the Paulie theme (which as Never says, always shows the width knob) so have 100's of projects from the last couple years that don't show the width knob when I open them now that I'm using a new theme. It's a minor annoyance which in reality isn't an issue..... I was just fixating.

I managed to get it working but I changed my mind about it LOL, as you say..... it's pointless.... from this day forward my default pan mode shall be stereo pan, and I will worry not about the past.

Learning how to do it made me learn more about WALTER and how themes work though so that's good. ��
Note the buttons at the bottom of the project preferences.
You have the choice to save for this project or make the settings the default for all projects.
This allows you to set it to show the width only on the old projects that need it and still keep the normal default stereo pan behavior for new projects.

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