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Originally Posted by J Riley Hill View Post
Hey everyone.

I'm working on a custom version of the default theme with some layouts changes etc. and there is one thing i haven't been able to figure out.....

In some themes like Lampshades Paulie theme (amazing theme!!!) the width knob is visible in both Stereo Balance AND Stereo Pan mode... this is the behavior i'd like for my layout. I've been digging in the Paulie rtconfig and looking in the Walter documentation and I can't figure out what parameter I would need to tweak to make this so in the "Default 5" theme.

Just WALTER both the Pan and Width positions and fadermodes. Do not add trackpanmode conditionals.

Here, the width only appears in a dual pan or stereo pan setup.
set mcp.pan.label [94 736 36 15 0 1 0 1]
set mcp.width trackpanmode>4 [94 677 36 15 0 1 0 1] [0]

Here, the width appears unconditionally.
set mcp.pan [94 736 36 15 0 1 0 1]
set mcp.width [94 677 36 15 0 1 0 1]

Of course, you would WALTER the pan and width labels accordingly

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