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Originally Posted by lucas_LCS View Post
yours are way better than mine.
That definitely works.
I do prefer the textured fader, though.
I looked at it a bit today and found what is causing the issue is the little border around the fader's center.
A subtle change fixed the issue for me.
Could use some fine tuning, but here's an example:
Wow thanks...thats a huge compliment but I love your stuff and I think design is relative...I was especially happy that you put albert's abandoned (very first Solaris) design into play to make Gold.

So you like the textured faders now....I see what you did, you cleaned them up and put black around the center line to define the notch....supreme work. I am going to cut one out and use it
for the theme until we try some other stuff or until we get more input. Thanks alot.

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