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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
Your post got me to measuring. I'm not good with knowing how to limit to that spec but if my guess testing is correct, I 1000% agree with you.

I'd probably be concerned about continuing if I had to crush/destroy the dynamics that much; so I'm hoping I'm wrong.
you are not wrong.

-12 LUFS is absurd - it's loud even for this track. add in mp3 conversion and it's likely disaster (I haven't even done any test conversions yet - but I just know)

My mix really isn't that dynamic - I mean the material isn't - not by my standards at least. But I do want that last little bit of elbow room to push that ending a bit. It's just not there at -12 LUFUS.

-14 would be fine imo - but if we get any other genre to mix other than rock, -16 is probably safer.

balance the mixes by giving a target - but don't make that target un-reachable.

* ok yeah, I'm being a bit hyperbolic here I think for this particular mix -12 is pretty close to reasonable and is obtainable - I'm just concerned because -12 seems like a bad precedent for these contests.

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