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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Right, thanks, now I remember.

Do you (and you @Cragster, and others) have a large number of these ?

I would like to change the syntax slightly to indicate the notion of an FX SubZone.

ParentZone will disappear and instead the relationship will be stated this way:

Zone "SomeFXZone"
        ChanStrip GoZone "VST: Oxford Dynamics (Sonnox)-2" FXSlot
This fits better with the new architecture, what do you think folks ?
I only have that one plugin that uses the Parentzone so it would be an easy change for me. So i would change the Parentzones to FXSlot ? Maybe i can just post what i have when i can and you can get me started on the change ? Thanks Geoff
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