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Originally Posted by siniarch View Post
Ok guys,
Next annoying question coming from me (sorry).
Now that I've got my QConProG2 working pretty good so far, how do I add the extender.

I tried replicating what the MCU and the MCUEX did as far as keeping zones and such. No such luck. What's the Trick? Does the MTS need to have unique Widget Names? So instead of "ROTARY1" should be "EX1ROTARY1"?

Thanks for any help and advise.
You are working too hard

Widget names need to be unique within a Surface, not a Page.

The first thing I would do is point the extender at the same .mst and fire it up and see what happens, with all your channel setup, midi I/O etc., configured correctly of course

If you want the extender on the left put it in first in the config/CSI.ini.
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