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Default OSCII-Bot working but Reaper won't receive any commands


I've been using AKAI MidiMix with Reaper via OSCII-Bot (thanks to goldenarpharazon and his config from time to time but a few days ago I noticed that it's not working anymore. Kinda.
I had a problem with it yesterday - until I rebooted my system and then the surface started to work.
Today it's not working again. And reboot had not fixed the problem this time.

Okay, so, what do I have:
Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7,
OSCII-Bot 0.6
MidiMix, connected to my Mac via USB cable.

First of all, let me say that cable is okay and working, USB-port is okay and working, OSCII-Bot is okay too (I even installed oscii-bot logger provided by Darkstar here: and it's showing all incoming commands from the control surface. I've also got ports open (just in case) but...REAPER is silent. It does not receive any messages. OSC port listening window is white, no signs of life of osc-device inside of REAPER.

So. What should I do in this situation? Any thoughts?
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