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Originally Posted by Mcgiver69 View Post
I think your problem is Alsa, I would better work with Jack. I installed Carla and Catia and Jack works better for me as I can properly see the patching and patch things easier (visually). I have no issues with stuttering like I had before.
Well, first of all, take a look at Nspa's posts on this thread. I think he has nailed the issue regarding my use-case with utmost precision :

And regarding Jack, yes, I agree that its modular environment is indeed a bliss. The only problem with any potential xrun in a live situation is that it seems to stutter in such cases, while ALSA only outputs a brief silence. For a live scenario, I vastly prefer a silence gap than a piercing "beeeep". Anyway, I 'm now working only with lighter Win instruments/FXs or native ones, and the performace is perfectly fine - aside from some strange bugs with things like some of the U- he native synths in conjunction with JS FXs, which I describe in another thread :

Regarding Kontakt, I'll see if a dual boot with Manjaro or Arch is viable to run Komplete with Nspa's solution. According to him, a revision of Linux's kernel is pending, which could provide a solution to this issue, but we can never know when will it reach public widespread. For now, my goals with a good set of Win/Linux Fxs is more than achieved.

Originally Posted by Mcgiver69 View Post
BTW those old M-Audio seem to be working just fine in Linux while giving all sorts of problems in Windows and Mac (because of old drivers). Got a friend who bought one and tried it in Linux and has been a happy man since.
Yes, my Audiophile 192 works just fine, but in my current work scenario, it is way more comfortable for me to use NI's Komplete Audio (easier headphones plug, volume faders at the reach of my hands, etc.). Other users have had no problem with it, as it seems. The issue here, I'm almost sure, is what Nspa describes in the link above. It just matches all of my observations regarding Kontakt/wine performance in Ubuntu Studio and AV Linux, the two distros I have tried up to now.
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