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Originally Posted by Soli Deo Gloria View Post
A-haaaa! Gotcha! You change OS's as you do with your socks, don't you?

Hyperthreading is off, here. I did it long ago for Windows, and it has remained like that. Regarding P-states, eist and throttling, I don't remember if I tweaked any of those during my Win optimizations, years ago. I don't even know or remember what are those things, honestly...
On Linux distros hopping, caaa-a-an't say you're wrong there löl, this year, *i'm wewwy guilty* based on a try'e story
But without that^^, i would not know that i prefer Arch-based and the why's, Debian-based is 2nd, alt, Linux Mint

At least the HT is so easy/fast to try on the exact same project, see if you notice good or worse for your personal current scenario.

4duhwinnn's tip also, adding that to my notepad myself

My daily bonus:
On Windows i install Wacom and the cookie-monster shows up... on Linux KDE Plasma, not so much
I'm not reason'less about Windoze yah know, but i will use dual-boot for a while, hopefully only a month, i will stay in peter-pan-mode, fear not, just doing some serious business that could do without any "oops" atm

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