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Originally Posted by SmajjL View Post
I'm on WindozeTenners atm (don't tell Glennbo)

A-haaaa! Gotcha! You change OS's as you do with your socks, don't you?

Originally Posted by SmajjL View Post
Long shot but you can also check the BIOS for stuff, hyperthreading on or off, p-states, eist, and other throttling stuff of what have we, make sure all looks good.

Hyperthreading is off, here. I did it long ago for Windows, and it has remained like that. Regarding P-states, eist and throttling, I don't remember if I tweaked any of those during my Win optimizations, years ago. I don't even know or remember what are those things, honestly...

Originally Posted by 4duhwinnn View Post
In some cases, due to computer hardware/OS
variables, you should turn off Kontakt's multi-core support.
I've experienced it both ways in different linux setups,
very little is carved in stone. And then it's worth searching out a set of Reaper's own optimization possibilities that will suit your
current gear.

The sound wavering is far from normal, don't recall
reading that happening to anyone, it's almost like
some products demo limitation

I've just seen that my PCI audio card, an old M-Audio Audiophile 192, behaves much better than the USB Komplete Audio 6. I guess that indicates that there is indeed an IRQ conflict. I've already opened another thread about it, so I'll have to research on that topic, I think...
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