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Originally Posted by Peevy View Post
I haven't had any problems with kontakt stuttering while playing live. The only time I had a similar problem was with Drumgizmo & I found out it was related to the cpu scaling which on Manjaro was set to powersave. Changing this to performance fixed my problem. Not sure how this is set in Ubuntu Studio but you can find out more about here on the arch wiki.

Ubuntu Studio has some nice, integrated controls to set up all of that. In fact, I have it set to "performance", too. This sounds more like some disk access issue, to me. Anyway, I'll be doing some tests during these days, if I find the time, changing the kernel to Liquorix, reinstalling a Rescuezilla system image with a better dual partition scheme (I have some grub problems due to the previous Windows 7 install, which apparently have been preventing me from testing another kernel), and even trying out another distros, if necessary.

Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
I'm just using the low latency kernel from Xubuntu, which I installed with,

sudo apt-get install linux-lowlatency

and have never tried any of the RT kernels, because I'm not having any problems.

Well, it's really good to know that other users are using NI stuff without any problem in Linux. I'll have to find my optimal settings/setup before reaching that stage. For now, with "vanilla" Ubuntu Studio - as I commented in the "Time Critical" thread - I have more than achieved my initial goals with Linux. Taking full advantage of Komplete 10 would be like the ice on the cake, really.

Do you know, first hand or with trusted references, that it's indeed possible to run heavy orchestral projects with many, many Kontakt instances in Linux,with a similar performace to Windows?
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