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Originally Posted by royleith View Post
I, now, have a working Arduino solution for both Windows and Linux which provides a keypad with the standard Reaper Transport gadget functions of Backwards, Forwards, Record, Play, Stop, Pause and Repeat, and lights an LED when Recording is in progress. Please note that these are not MIDI controller devices, but standard HID keys.

The Windows version uses the X86 multimedia keystrokes and the Linux version uses the 'Windows' key as the modifier in order to avoid any standard Windows Reaper keyboard shortcuts. Because the shortcuts are not pre-programmed in Linux, they have to be assigned in Reaper Properties, just like any other custom keystroke assignments (select the Reaper Transport function, click add and push the appropriate button on the keypad).

If anyone else wants to make such a keypad, I would be happy to publish the two Arduino sketches in the resources area. I am using the Arduino Pro Micro, but the Arduino Leonardo would also work, but costs more.
Sounds pretty slick. I used to have the media keys on my Logitech Wave keyboard assigned in Windows, as well as the transport keys on an Akai MPD26 on my desk, but I haven't used them in so long I hadn't even noticed they don't work in Linux. I'm just so used to the stock REAPER keystrokes that I use them without thinking.

That said, one thing I do remember from when it was working in Windows was that the Akai would run the transport no matter what window had focus, which I guess is because it transmits MIDI CC 118 for play, 117 for stop, and so on. Looks like I can in Linux reestablish the transport controls on the Akai as REAPER sees them, but like your original post said, the X86 multimedia keys on my keyboard are not getting through to REAPER.

Edit: I set my Akai back up for the transport controls, and just like Windows I can be in a web browser where REAPER does not have focus, and the transport controls still run REAPER. I know nothing about programming an Arduino, but if one could be programmed to appear as a midi controller on USB it could probably do the same thing.
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