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Default Kontakt in Ubuntu Studio - some stutter

I've just installed Kontakt 6.2.2 with Native Access. Previously, I installed Winetricks and did the override setting (native) of the mscvp140.dll in the /.wine/drive_c/Windows/System32 folder. I also set the Windows mode in Wine to Windows 10. After all of this NA worked OK.

Now, with Kontakt, I see a very similar performance to the Windows install, except for one important thing : there is some stutter when I play live with a patch from LASS 2.5, or the Oboe 1 from Berlin Woodwinds Legacy libraries, which are the first instruments I tested. The CPU usage and RAM are just fine (I even tried setting multi-core processing off and increasing the pre-load buffer size). This seems to be something related to disk streaming xruns, which is strange since all my libraries are on a dedicated SSD. The buffer size in Reaper changed from 128 to 1024, with similar results, so I can't attribute the problem to a low block size.

Am I missing some Wine setting or anything similar to get proper disk access?

Thanks in advance!

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