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Default KDE Transport Keyboard Shortcuts

I use Reaper in Kubuntu and it works very well. My other Reaper computer is a Windows machine.

I have always wanted a USB keypad for the Transport controls. I programmed an Arduino, seven buttons and an LED for a 'Record' light.

To cut a very long story, short, the transport keys work fine in many audio programs and especially in Quodlibet and Clementine (audio players), but the Multimedia keys (X86Stop, X86Play/Pause, etc) do not reach Reaper. These are the same key scancodes generated by the alternative functions for Function keys along the top of alpha/numeric multimedia keyboards, so a solution to this problem could be useful for many Linux Reaper users.

Apparently (although I have not tested this) the keys do work in the Gnome window manager (standard Ubuntu).

The keys work well in Windows.

When I started the project, the keyboard shortcuts appeared to be the same in Windows and Linux and included the MediaPlay, MediaPause etc., but the latest versions of Reaper omit the settings. Attempting to add the media keys in Reaper Preferences fails because Reaper does not register the multi-media keystrokes.

There is a simple work-around: two keypads, one for Linux, using alternate shortcuts, and one for Windows, but it seems ridiculous that these purpose-made scancodes are not available to multimedia programs in KDE.

I have played with countless configuration files and programs in Kubuntu, including System Settings, but cannot make KDE unlock the goodies. In System Settings/Global Shortcuts/Media Controller, four of the Multimedia keys are listed, but there is no explanation of how to add the rest or to access the controller from applications.

Does anyone know how to break Plasma's stranglehold on keystrokes?
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