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Originally Posted by drbam View Post
Thats ok with me - 20 hrs would have been fine and I would have gladly paid the fair cost for it. Whoever is bitching about you making money from this thing needs to get real life (or a good therapist).

Reaper is extremely deep and I personally hope you're working on an advanced video series for it. I've purchased all of the available manuals/tutorials (which are really great) but there's nothing like "seeing it happen" for things to click for me. Actually had a couple of aha moments with some basic things while watching the first few videos and I've been working with Reaper for a couple of years now. Great job Kenny, and yes, next time, try and slow down the pace of your VO a bit.

>Great job Kenny, and yes, next time, try and slow down the pace of your VO a bit.

Why??? You get more for your money the way Kenny is doing it and I don't get bored. Like I said before, use the pause button, rewind and watch the videos multiple times. Have Reaper open with a desk pin and practice what he is doing if you want.

I do understand that for those people whose English is not their first language they might be having a problem but there are interpreters out there and he is giving you bang for the buck while you're learning English, Reaper, a dialect and an accent.

What more do you people want? Best buy since my purchase of Reaper and I plan on buying Reaper over and over again throughout the years and I am now an official convert and am telling everyone online and everywhere else who might listen. ;-)

I think I have fallen in love with Reaper and the cool part is that my wife is okay with it because she is seeing results man. Of course my UAD-2 Quad with 36 plugs helps too but Reaper and my Quad is like a match made in Heaven. They work perfectly even with input monitoring at the lowest of latencies. DAW heaven is what it is called folks and after 15 years I am finally there. Sigh!

So I recently custom built two new computers, discovered Reaper, bought my Quad and then Kenny comes along a week later with these tutorials he mentioned two weeks prior and he has now taught me how to use Reaper faster than me hiring a tutor and guess what, that is exactly what I was going to do,... AGAIN.

In fact, I had already done just that but one half day session did not even get me into the ballpark and I spent $90.00 from a great and talented guy but I must admit Kenny's videos not only got me into the ballpark, not only onto the field but I am in the batters box and I just hit a home run. LOL!!!
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