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I lack the fitting superlative to describe how bloody friggin' cool this is... thank you very much, all of the involved. It's 15 minutes after install and I can't understand how I could ever work without this addition.

Little sidenotes regarding the installation howto:
  • you should point out that SWS extensions >= v1.4.0 (build #5) are required to make this work (afaik)
  • you should say how to open the Color Management, taken that this is installed by someone who has never heard of SWS extensions. Why not let them use that cool button they just created?
  • a link to the homepage of said SWS extensions would be n00b friendlyness on a new level!

Yeah, I knew how to figure this out by myself. But you asked if the instructions were understandable for everyone, so, there you are.
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