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an src has a filter which needs to be set by ear.

the nyquist filter is a separate algorithm from the interpolation.

that is one reason that this subject is not so simple. the filter
should, imo always be linear phase, and that implies a f.i.r.
design, and that implies latency. i am not sure what kind of
filter is provided by s.o.x?

izotope has a f.i.r. that is configurable. however, this process will never happen
in real time (zero samples of latency) and still be sounding as good as it can.

this is not a matter of processor speed: when run offline, an src algoroithm can
process data at faster than realtime speed, because there is no need for playback...

but when a software-based f.i.r. filter is fed samples at normal playback
speed, it still requires a certain amount of samples latency to operate.
at least a couple of thousand in most cases.

so... there cannot be a true "real-time" src.

jeff dinces

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