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Originally Posted by Mich View Post
Yes, but remember to meet the LGPL requirements the code needs to be implemented as a dynamically linked library and the source code of that must be released so it can be modified, and since currently the resampling of REAPER seems to be in the binary, Cockos would need to outfactor that part.

But all difficulties aside a big +1.

or improving what currently is available. but, by looking at the rmaa plot of the band transition, i'm not sure that doubling the n of points to 1024 for example will do much good. edit: can't really say i need such improvements

Originally Posted by Dstruct View Post
"Average"? That's bullshit. Quality is very good (although not "best"). Only render times are not cool.
yes, execution times of sinc filters, which are trying to approximate the perfect lp are really really slow. in fact its more of a modern cpu limitation, over an algorithm issue.

Originally Posted by Xenakios View Post
You have proof of that audibility? Blind testing done?
for a-b comparison of a single unmixed sample (a sine sweep) from two different src sources, differences would be clearly out of the audible range. however, it is arguable that in the case of a 16 tracks - 96khz mix, with 2 down sampling conversations in comparison, would produce audible differences. i cannot say for certain as i haven't done such test.

for free tools "r8b free" and "sox" should be considered superb and if you like to use them instead of reaper's src, do so.
however i'm not sure who declared "sox" to be the best (if we are talking the best of the best..etc)

window used: blackman, 1024bands, -220dbfs floor *note the lowered floor*, no img post-processing.

r8b free:

sox lin-phase vhq:

my copy of cooledit from (y2000) :

i've send this one to but they did not put it online, as it doesn't look very good or maybe because they are somehow biased :

traktor 2.5:

edit -> advice: avoid sample rate conversation as much as possible


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