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Originally Posted by EpicSounds View Post
Version 2 is officially out today!

Because of the amount of work that went into this over the past 8 months or so, the price has increased to $15, but we are doing a sale for the next week, bring it down to $10.
Free update for existing users
Is there any reason I couldn't use this with other programs? Does it basically allow you to create and customize buttons by assigning already defined Reaper keyboard short-cuts to them?

I found a similar Android app that I'm currently setting up and defining with Vegas Pro keyboard short-cuts but I prefer the HMI you have created, especially the tab function of being able to group buttons by category and easily be able to switch between them via tabs. However, the Android app does add mouse pad, mouse buttons and mouse scroll wheel support, as well as having the ability to pull up an Android full qwerty keyboard to use as a keyboard if needed which I'm finding useful as well where those additions allow me to never leave the app if needed.

The downside I have noticed of this other app is that there's no snap to grid option, which makes exact button placement a bit tedious. Do you have a snap to grid option for button placement?

Thanks, brilliant app I have been looking for something like this for awhile to get around the limitations of hardware controllers and memorizing a ton of keyboard combo short-cuts and I own a couple 10in screen Android tablets which seems like it would be perfect for this.

I'm not currently using Reaper since my current projects are Audio and Video editing related, so that's why I'm interested to understand if I can use it with other programs as well.
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